RAE in English – October 23, 2020

RAE in English – October 23, 2020

Argentina reached a million confirmed COVID-19 cases this week. We talk on the pandemic with Dr. Victor Romanowski, VP of the Argentine Society of Virology. He also heads the Molecular Biology Laboratory of the University of La Plata’s Institute of Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, an entity that integrates the Global Virus Network.







RAE in English – October 16, 2020

On this week’s program, we bring back a gem from our archives: an interview with an Argentine veteran of the 1982 Malvinas War, sharing his personal experience: Miguel Savage, who speaks English fluently. This talk was recorded back in 2012, in the context of the 30th anniversary of the conflict between Argentina and the UK.

In addition, we remember the concert of Van Halen in Buenos Aires, back in 1983.

Host: Fernando Farías.


RAE in English – October 9, 2020

-Interview with British writer Daniel Tunnard about his latest book, a novel about Scrabble players and their conflict with a game-fixing mafia organization, in an alternative world in which Scrabble generates as much money as football or boxing. Daniel is a Scrabble champion himself and has represented Argentina in international competitions despite Spanish not being his first language.

-Some commentary and music about the October 12 Holiday, that here in Argentina is not marked anymore as a celebration or festivity but rather a day for reflection on the catastrophe 1492 meant for the aboriginal civilizations of the Americas.

-And music by Argentine poet and songwriter Gabo Ferro who passed away this week at 54.

Host: Fernando Farías




RAE in English – October 5, 2020

This show is entirely devoted to Mafalda, the most popular character created by cartoonist Quino, whose death last week at the age of 88 was a big blow to the hearts of Argentines of all ages…on this program we try to explain why so many people shared their favorite strips and drawings on social media, remembering this artist and especially the young girl he created.

There’s a companion clip to this program on our Youtube channel that we recommend you to check out to have a look at some of these characters…

Host: Fernando Farías




LockdownEdition #25

RAE in English – September 25, 2020

On this program: cafés! Something we really miss in Buenos Aires, Rosario, Córdoba and all of the big Argentine cities, as they truly are an integral part of our culture. Because of COVID-19 they were only allowed a few weeks back to reopen in the Capital with outside seating…but it’s just not quite the same yet.

In connection with them, an interview with an American journalist who visited all of the 60-plus “officially historic” cafés of BA (“Cafés Notables”), and we play some of the many songs inspired and dedicated to these legendary places.

Host: Fernando Farías





Lockdown Edition #24

RAE in English – September 21, 2020

On this week’s program we cover the Gardel Awards, the top music prize in this country. We go over the most important categories, their winners and, of course their music.

This is an excellent chance to get to know the varied landscape of Argentine music, from Tango to Rock, from Jazz to Chamamé, from Cumbia to Classical Music.

Host: Fernando Farías


Lockdown Edition #23

Setpember 11, 2020

This week, we’re bringing you content from our archives: An interview with renowned rock journalist Alfredo Rosso, giving an overview of the origins of Argentina’s rock music. The interview was originally conducted in April 2010, during the International Bookfair of Buenos Aires, in the Public National Radio’s mobile studio set up at the event.

Host: Fernando Farías (and Mirian Turkula in the 2010 interview)


Lockdown Edition #22

Setptember 4, 2020

On this show we share some historic soundbites of radio, by stations that operated amid revolutions, wars, dictatorships, as part of a RAE documentary: “The Radio We Lived In Danger”. We remember the role of radio amid the Cuban Revolution, the Chilean and Spanish dictatorships, the Malvinas War and more…

And we enjoy some music by talented musician Pedro Aznar, who was recently interviewed simultaneously by journalists from all over Argentina’s National Radio Network.


Lockdown Edition #21

August 28, 2020 – On this program, we celebrate the first century of radio broadcasting in Argentina with a special feature on the feat of the so-called “Rooftop Madmen”, on August 27, 1920.

On this occasion, we also share some audio messages with best wishes sent to us from good friends in India and the US.

If you want to get the special Centenary QSL Card, send us your reception report to

Host: Fernando Farías


Lockdown Edition #20

August 21, 2020 – On this program, we’ll try to translate some of the most representative Tango lyrics into English to discover its philosophy, an integral part of the Argentine mindset…

Host: Fernando Farías


Lockdown Edition #19


August 14, 2020 – On this program we’re announcing the special “centenary QSL card” that we are issuing to mark 100 years of the first radio broadcast in Argentina, i.e., the feat of the so-called “locos de la azotea” (the rooftop madmen) that put on the air an opera performed at the Teatro Coliseo in 1920. If you want to get this special QSL card send us your reception report to

And there’s a treat for dxers on this program: an interview with Thomas Witherspoon of the SWling Post We talk about SW radio, his experience listening to RAE and his recent reception in North Carolina, US, of LRA36 Antarctic transmissions.

Plus, a little bit of music with the 30th anniversary of the release of Soda Stereo’s “Canción Animal”, one of the key albums in the history of Spanish-language rock.

Host: Fernando Farías


Lockdown Edition #18

August, 7 – 2020. On today’s program we go over the main news stories of the week including the accord with foreign bondholders on the Argentine debt. And we talk to an Argentine in Spain about the pandemic in this European nation, one of the worst-hit about four months ago.

And there’s also music, with a Byrds song versioned in Spanish.

Host: Fernando Farías


Lockdown Edition #17

RAE in English – July 31, 2020. We cover in a nutshell the latest announcements on the extension of the lockdown in Argentina. Plus the main news headlines of the week.

A talk with British sports journalist Tim Sturtridge on football coach Marcelo Bielsa, who made headlines in England for leading Leeds back into the Premier League, after more than 15 years.

And we sign off with some Andean music on the occasion of the Day of Pachamama, the deity of Andean peoples who’s honored every August 1.

Host: Fernando Farías



Lockdown Edition #16

On this program, the second part of the interview with Dr. Victor Romanowski , vicepresidente of the Argentine Society of Virology and head of the Institute of Biotechnology and Molecular Biology of the University of La Plata, that integrates the Global Virus Network

Plus the week’s main news stories and a song.

Host: Fernando Farías



Lockdown Edition #15

On this week’s show, we go over the highlights regarding the next phase of lockdown measures in Argentina, as announced by president Alberto Fernández and five governors, on Friday.

We go over other headlines of the week, and we interview Dr. Victor Romanowski, vice president of the Argentine Society of Virology, about vaccine development, plasma treatment and other coronavirus-related topics.

Host: Fernando Farías



Lockdown Edition #14

On this week’s show, in addition to the news, we have plenty of music, involving Mercedes Sosa, Ennio Morricone and Ringo Starr.

Host: Fernando Farías



Lockdown Edition #13

On this program, the latest on the coronavirus pandemic in Argentina, with the last COVID-free province confirming its first case…

And we go over the candidates to win the prize to the “Song Of The Year” at the Gardel Awards, the most important of the Argentine music industry.


Lockdown Edition #12

On this show, we get back on the airwaves of RAE the legendary Tony Middleton, who hosted this very program for 25 years.

And as usual, the main weekly headlines and a song to cheer us up a little…

Host: Fernando Farías



Lockdown Edition #11

On this week’s program, we remember one of Argentina’s main national heroes: Manuel Belgrano, on the occasion of his death’s bicentennial. We talk with Gabriel Di Meglio, director of Argentina’s National History Museum about the creator of Argentina’s flag.

And we enjoy some French music ahead of the Fete de la Musique this weekend in Paris, a festivity with repercussions all over the World.

Host: Fernando Farías



Lockdown Edition #10

On this week’s program, a talk with two Argentine scientists based in the US who created, amid the COVID-19 lockdown, a series of online seminars for immunologists around the world: “Global Immunotalks”

The cycle, which features top figures in the field of immunology every week, has been growing and generating much repercussions with viewers all over the planet.

Founders Carla Rothlin in Yale University and Elina Zuniga in the University of California San Diego explain this initiative aimed at sharing and advancing scientific knowledge in a global, egalitarian and environment-friendly manner.

And also, as usual on the show: the week’s main headlines and some music.

Host: Fernando Farías




Lockdown Edition #9

This week, we start with the latest news including the extension of the quarantine announced last night by president Alberto Fernández.

And a very special reunion on the air with a voice RAE listeners know very well…

Plus a feminist song on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the NiUnaMenos movement.

Host: Fernando Farías




Lockdown Edition #8

On this program, the news return to RAE with a weekly update of the top headlines.

And we talk to Argentine musician and producer Charlie Tonelli, who lives in Shanghai, a city that went through a strict lockdown and now is practically back to normal.

Here’s the link to Electriciennes’ latest album, that includes the song played on the show.



Lockdown Edition #7

On this program, two more chapters of our “lockdown chronicles”: Alejandro Cacciola, Argentine music producer in Miami, and Daniel Tunnard, British author in Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Ríos province.


Lockdown Edition #6

On this latest edition of the program fully made at home, host Fernando Farías brings you an interview with an Aerolíneas Argentinas pilot about the special flights between Buenos Aires and Shanghai to bring over medical supplies to the country, much needed to face the COVID-19 pandemic.

And something on Stevie Wonder’s 70th birthday and Argentina’s National Anthem.

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Lockdown Edition #5

Two talks on this show. One, with a British traveller who got stranded in Santa Cruz province when the Argentine government declared the nationwide lockdown. Becca Peachey tells her story just before being repatriated by the British government to London, after 40 days in “Patagonian quarantine”.

And a great chat with John Rattagan, an Argentine-Irish-English “parrillero” in London, AKA, “Cacho Gómez”. Born and raised in Argentina, he moved to the UK back in the 90s and started the first genuine Argentine-styled grill house in that country. He talks a bit about his life and also about the current coronavirus situation in the British capital.

For contacting us:


Lockdown Edition #4

On this new program, fully made at home, host Fernando Farías talks to Fernando Rodríguez, an Argentine engineer living in Texas about how him and his family are dealing with the pandemic in their area.

And also, Eloisa Arana, an immunologist at the Medicine School of the Buenos Aires University, CONICET researcher and former fellow at the Imperial College in London, shares her views on the Argentine situation and response to the outbreak, 40 days since lockdown measures were implemented.
Music-wise, there’s a Spanish-language cover of a very well known US song, that was covered by the Rolling Stones among many other artists.


Lockdown Edition #3

On this show, we go over the key moments of the last 90 days of lockdown in Argentina, from the first confirmed case of coronavirus in the country, to the second extension of the mandatory quarantine.

We also listen to a song by an American band whose concert in Buenos Aires was the first music show cancelled because of the outbreak.

And we remember Marcos Mundstokc, the key member of comedy group Les Luthiers who passed away this week at the age of 77.



Lockdown Edition #2

On this program, host Fernando Farías talks to Julian Burgos, Argentine marine biologist living in Iceland, who tells RAE about the Covid-19 situation in that country, which will be lifting partially the quarantine very soon.

We also listen to some folk music and talk about the Aerolineas Argentinas first flight to China to get 11 tons of medical supplies to face the pandemic.


On the first edition of RAE in English recorded at home, host Fernando Farías gives a preview of a new podcast series: “Argentine Music for the Lockdown” (available at, whose first chapter will be about the first era of Tango, the so-called “Old Guard” age and artists. Also, he recommends a documentary on important Argentine rock stars and plays the only song the two most legendary artists of the genre in this country recorded together, part of an ill-fated album that didn’t see the light. Moreover, updates on the quarantine in Argentina and the new A-20 timetable details for this program’s broadcast via WRMI.





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