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Carta de un oyente libanés

Carta de un oyente del Líbano a Radio Argentina al Exterior:


"Dear Adrian Korol
I’m old listener to Radio Radio Argentina in Beirut in Lebanon via shortwave since 1998 and via internet many years ago.
I listen to your Radio because I like your Radio and your country as the best way to discover Argentina and become I like Argentina football team, we are many more than 100000 fan of Argentina in Lebanon..
I have to present my sincere Congratulations for winning Qatar World Cup 2022 and my greetings to big Family of Radio Argentina . Merry Christmas and hope to all Happy New Year 2023. May this year bring the peace to the world.
I hope to visit your country. i visited more than 15 countries and theirs international radios in the world, hope to visit yours.
Best Regards

3th floor, Karakouty building,
152, Mohamed Salam Street,
East Municipal Stadium,
Tariq Jdideh,
Beirut 20553511
M: +961 76 797654