The sierras of Córdoba

In the province of Cordoba, in the center of Argentina, some 700 kilometers from the City of Buenos Aires are some of the most famous mountain circuits in the country. The Traslasierra Circuit includes the region between the Sierras Grandes to the east and the Sierra de Pocho to the west.

In this valley there is a series of towns of great importance in Cordoba, such as the now very famous Villa de Cura Brochero, which was founded in 1865 with the name of Villa del Tránsito. However, in 1916 the name was changed in commemoration of this priest – today declared a saint – who was the driving force in improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of those times.

Called the “gaucho priest”, he worked on the opening of roads and aqueducts that are still in operation today. He was born in 1840 and was baptized with the name of José Gabriel del Rosario. Already ordained, Brochero began his work with the poorest of a completely forgotten area, where gauchos such as Santos Guayama, who had led a peasant uprising to prevent landowners from diverting the course of streams and rivers.

In the Villa there is a museum in honor of Cura Brochero, erected in the old house of spiritual exercises that he built. According to the unofficial story, Santos Guayama -a pagan saint venerated to this day- arrived many times to speak with the priest, who tried several times to keep him away from the robberies that the gaucho made in the ranches to distribute food among the poorest.