Talk with: British transmedia artist Simon Wilkinson

Simon Wilkinson arrives for the first time in BA for MUTEK Argentina where he will be featuring “How Can I Ease Your Mind Without Lying”.  Wilkinson’s work incorporates audiovisual, installation, VR, electronic music, online and performance mediums; often combining multiple approaches simultaneously.

His work has been featured at Tate Modern and regularly tours internationally. The most recent five works, produced under the name CiRCA69 and collectively entitled Whilst The Rest Were Sleeping, exist within a continuous narrative universe. Shows from this series have, in 2016, enjoyed a 14 nation world tour across 5 continents.

Wilkinson describes transmedia as ‘the practice of telling a story through multiple platforms; so that, for example, instead of making a website ‘about’ the theatre piece, the website becomes an embedded part of the narrative.’


Speaker:  Fernando Farías / Production: Silvana Avellaneda / Technical Operation: Matias Arreseygor / Web and Social: @CheloAyala