Radio news

From LRA 36 “Arcángel San Gabriel” radio station at the Esperanza Antarctic Base, on the afternoon of December 8, RAE staff, together with members of the Joint Antarctic Command (COCOANTAR) began proceedings for the activation of the LU1ZV radio station, an activity that will last several days.

The main objective of the activation in progress is to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the creation of LRA 36 station , the first shortwave AM station in the whole of Antarctica that throughout these years continues with an annual program.

Adrián Korol, director of the Argentine Broadcasting Company Abroad (RAE), which actively participates in the initiative, congratulated operators and expressed: “I am very excited about this achievement we made together with the Command and the National University of Quilmes”.

Korol reiterated “the high symbolic and real value of any activation of amateur radio stations from our Antarctic bases”.

The LU1ZV Amateur Radio station had been inactive for several years, so the broadcast generated great expectation in the national and international radio community, specialy if we take into account the context of the recent 40th anniversary for LRA 36’s first broadcast, on October 20, 1979.

The project is called “Uniendo Voces”,which means “Bringing Voices Together” and is an initiative of the National University of Quilmes (UNQ), that as been participating in these radio activations since 2013 (at Base Marambio on several occasions and at Base Matienzo in 2018) to which now we add the historic broadcast from Base Esperanza, in the framework of a special initiative called “Expedición Radial DX-I Uniendo Voces” (DX-I Radio Expedition Joining Voices).

As on other occasions, the activation is carried out by amateur radio personnel from the former Antarctic Affairs Directorate of the Air Force, that is now a member of the Joint Antarctic Command (COCOANTAR) and in collaboration with DX clubs Pinamar (LU3DRP) and Radio Club Quilmes (LU4DQ).