Horacio Fontova

Born into a family of classical musicians, he began to forge his own musical tastes as a teenager. Together with his cousin Susana, guitars in hand, they ventured into different fields as a folkloric duo.

He was part of bands “Patada de Mosca”, the “Dúo Nagüal” before starting his own groups like “Fontova y la Foca”, “Fontova y sus Sobrinos”, “Fontova y los Tíos”, “Fontovarios”, up to the “Fontova Trio”.


His first album was released in 1982, and from the beginning he showed a wide range of genres ranging from blues, rock and roll, folklore, salsa, to telluric music, without ever losing his humor.

In 1987, together with the Uruguayan musician Rubén Rada, they made a series of concerts in the Odeón Theatre called “Oscura Pareja”. In 1988 he presents his sixth album “Fontova Presidente” with the band Fontova and his nephews at the Estadio Obras.

In the ’90s he made another incursion into acting, standing out his participation in the humorous program “Peor es Nada”, together with Jorge Guinzburg, where he composed the unforgettable “Fontova Presidente”.

Sonia Braguetti”, which meant that she was awarded a Martín Fierro Prize for her work. In 1995 he replaced Daniel Rabinovich, a member of Les Luthiers, on the “Great Milestones” tour of Spain.

He also performed in the plays “Porteños”, “Orquesta de Señoritas”, “Malos hábitos”. In 2004 he unified his taste for theatre, lyrical music, singing and humour, starring in the zarzuela “La Corte de Faraón” playing the character of “el Casto José”, a performance that earned him a nomination for the ACE Awards.

In the cinema he starred in “El regreso de Peter Cascada” and was part of the cast of “La Peste”, “Adiós querida luna” and “De quién es el portaligas? In 2002 he presented “Fontovarios”, a musical and humorous show at the Ateneo Theatre with Liliana Herrero and Daniel Melingo as guest musicians.